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ZOM1 - ZKTeco Odoo module

ZOM1 - ZKTeco Odoo module

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The product comes along wit: 
- Do It Your Self installation for the module
- Installation and user guide
- An English Version of the module
- License: Odoo Proprietary License v1.0

What's that?

Still !!

Having challenge to download your attendance data directly to Odoo?

Well, my friend, either you don't have a link between your ZK Teco machine and Odoo, or your integration module is not producing accurate attendance data

I’m using ZKTeco Odoo module by Knowledge Ware, the easiest, most reliable module for ZK Teco time and attendance integration with Odoo system. I can download my attendance data directly from the machine just by clicking a download button. I can specify ZKTeco machine local IP address and change it any time I want. I can right away see my downloaded attendance data inside Odoo attendance section with the hieghest accurecy level...Which ZK Teco module are you using? are you happy with the results? Well, there are no surprises with ZKTeco Odoo module by Knowledge Ware. Please continue reading to see the product in action 

See ZKteco Downloader in action


ZK Teco Odoo downloader

  • Set your ZKTeco machine IP address 
  • Just press download button
  • Go to odoo attendance section and see your attendance data fully imported in no time.             for any further information required before buying Email us »

ZK Teco Odoo Module minimum operational requirements

  • Odoo V.8 or v.9 compatible
  • Device Platform: ZEM510 and/or higher versions.
  • Supported Operating systems are; Windows Server or Linux (Ubuntu) / 32 bit or 64 bit

  • Cristhian on 20/06/2019 13:35:39

    This module function with ZKTeco K14? Thanks for your reply

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