Odoo Freight Module - FFAM2

                              All your freight operations are managed with care by an Odoo Freight Module

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Always wanted to track your Freight operations through Odoo?

What's the holdup?

Odoo is not covering Freight management?

Well, we've got you covered, with our Freight & forwarding module, that flexibly works on top of Odoo and fully integrated with Odoo Sales and invoicing

It's that time again.. operations registry time !! Customers got Multiple freight inquiries and you need to follow up their shipments? Are shipments costs and margins automatically calculated ? are you able to easily approve operation and generate customer invoices based on each operation? Even if you're way behind, Our Freight & Forwarding Module will get your freight operations and calculations up to speed. Freight & Forwarding Module increases your business accuracy through job profitability analysis functionality and gives you peace of mind. Why pull your hair out every day when you can rely on Knowledge Ware and its Freight & Forwarding Module?  Freight & Forwarding Module know your frustrations, believe me, we do. That's why we are here

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Basic Configurations - Easy setup

Define the basic configurations for freight operations, Ports, Vessels, and Packages.

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Freight Operation Type & Combinations

Bunch of freight operation classifications. Combinations include the main type of the shipment Direct, Master, and/or house. in addition to the direction of our shipment (Import or export). Shipment classification also includes the mean of transportation (OCEAN, AIR, or INLAND) and specifying whether the shipment is FCL or LCL. 

Order details - The first step

Take the customer request and directly set its high-level details. Define which container type is required, and define the operation type whether it's a dry operation or requiring a reefer( Fruits, Vegs products )

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Container details

Generate initial container details right away with a click of a button from the order details created.

Multi-Routes per operation - Multi-Modeling

Have the Main Carriage defined and other multiple routes per operation

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A package within a route

Packages Details for each route of a single operation is defined

Services within a route never been easier

You can easily define which services should be provided to your customers within a single route per operation. Service costs and sales prices are directly captured from Odoo product form

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Receivable & Payable record creation - Single click

Now we have entered all our services on this route along with their services.
All the services for the whole operation will appear here under this tab (services) for the whole operation.
With a single click of a button, You will be generating receivables and payables for this operation, where you can directly raise your customer & shipping line invoices

P&L quick insight per operation

Now it's time to get some insights for an operation, look at FFAM2 P&L overview tab that gives quick numeric insights about your shipment on the fly that make sense

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Job Profitability summary for all operations

Having a tree view of all operations created and fulfilled in one report.
A full insight for all operations profitability at your fingertips, payment expectations as well as the actuals can be seen through this powerful insight view.

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Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns