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ICAS1 - 10 - 50 hours Advanced Odoo Customization assistance service

ICAS1 - 10 - 50 hours Advanced Odoo Customization assistance service

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ICAS1 is an Odoo implementation / Installation service provided to you by Knowledge Ware Co.quickly install or implement Odoo modules without the need of hiring experts who cost you a fortune or hiring Junior developers / implementers who requires a lot of time to get trained on Odoo, we at Knowledge Ware know your pain that's why we are offering you a bundle of services measured in hours that guarantee the success of your Odoo implementations, our ICAS1 bundle of services include the following:

- Service is valid for 3 month from date of placing the order
- Email + Phone Support
- Training & Coaching
- Configuration
- Data Importation Assistance
- Forms / screens and fields (Minor customisation in single module)
- Reports (PDF) (Basic customisation, does not include many tables relation-ship building)
- Workflows Customisation

Need a lot of customisations on Odoo?

Tired of paying a lot in Odoo Experts?

Your Odoo Team is not capable enough to fulfill your customisations needs?

Well, we've got you covered, with our state of art Implementation / Installation service (IAS1)

It's that time of delivering Odoo modules again.. Deliverable !! Your developers are busy delivering some important projects? Do you have enough developers to fulfill your customisations needs on Odoo ? are you suffering from the lack of knowledge in your Odoo development team? Paying a lot for Odoo experts to get your customizations done? Even if you're way behind, Our state of art Odoo Advanced Customisation service (ICAS1) will get your Odoo customizations done up to speed, increase customer satisfaction and give you peace of mind. Why pull your hair out every time you need an Odoo customization when you can rely on Knowledge Ware and its Odoo Advanced Customisation service (ICAS1)? Knowledge Ware  knows your frustrations, believe me, we do. That's why we are here.