5 Important tips about ITIL foundation V3 exam

Ahmad Agha

1. Review the whole course material or any trusted ITIL v3 foundation material that you have.

2. Practice...practice...practice... There is nothing better than practicing by using sample exams. Like any other certification, ITIL certification exam is a multiple choice exam, which has got a certain technique and a way in phrasing its questions, you'll never get the hang of it unless you practice a lot.

3. In the Exam; READ each question carefully. I mean it you'll miss some words, or you will misread some words, especially those type of questions for instance: "which of following is NOT a characteristic of ....." I SWEAR if you didn't read carefully you will not see the "NOT" :) I did it by the way.

4. In most questions in the ITIL V3 foundation exam, you will notice that there will be at least one or two answers from the answers options is/are completely wrong as per ITIL framework, try to eliminate those wrong answers options when you first attempt to answer the question, and then think of the correct answer (based on the ITIL framework) from the remaining answer options.

5. Use the ITIL framework concepts NOT you EXPERIENCE in IT service management. The ITIL Foundation V3 exam actually tests your knowledge of the main concepts of ITIL best practice framework which is not necessarily be applied in your organization.

More tips on your ITIL V3 Foundation exam coming your way... I'm happy to respond to all your doubts and questions...Good Luck


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